Create a character story 50

Describe a character that can fit in the universe of With No Light. To do so you must know some details about it without us spoiling too much of the storyline.

The creatures of Orbis were living in a golden era before the Calamity. The Calamity is a past event in the history of Orbis when the Gods went rogue and unleashed a deadly disease in the kingdom that ruined its current civilization. The illness was slowly killing or even worse... corrupting the creatures - turning them into mindless bloodthirsty monsters.

It seamed that they were all doomed when the long forgotten Thousand Eyed God returned to the realm. He offered to help the creatures and save them but his current powers were too week to stand against his former brothers and sisters. When all hope was lost he asked the living creatures to give him their eyes. What exactly happened is unclear but it is believed that he managed to create special areas in the kingdom that are immune to the disease. After that he mysteriously disappeared.

Now, every creature that survived the Calamity is living in total blindness in those areas while the ones that did not get so lucky roam the outskirts in search for potential victims for their killing appetite.

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